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Why Daisy Whitney is Great!

But most of you already know that right?

Why is this particular journalist, novelist and new media evangelist so Great?  Well, she’s a real person!  She’s intelligent, accessible, friendly, funny, and down-to-earth.

For those of you who might not be familiar with her, Daisy is a New Media Expert who specializes in social media, demystifies the phenomenon of web TV and specifically addresses the convergence towards the web from traditional media streams by advertisers.

If watching all those hours of YouTube, iTunes and keeping track of online advertising statistics including user generated media didn’t already keep her busy, she hosts the New Media Minute which you can subscribe to via iTunes or directly from her site

Daisy also writes articles for as well as her weekly column for  You’ll find her moderating TWiM (This Week in Media) a brainchild of Alex Lindsay at PIxel Corps and an affiliated show on TWiT the network of podcasts (a.k.a. netcasts – Yes Leo I listen and religiously – I should add!).

You’ll also find her on Twitter where she’s recently started online web reviews.  Daisy will, once a week at random, Tweet (on Twitter) that it’s time for submissions for weekly her review. She’ll take the first five Twitter replies and will watch and review the episodes (one from each reply) in her TVWeek blog post.  Using Twitter in this innovative fashion is what I find exciting about social media.  It’s all too cool for words!

One of the biggest reasons for me deciding to dedicate an entire blog post to Daisy is that (as I mentioned) she is, above all, a real person.  I’ve had the opportunity to exchange many links and emails with her over the summer.  I was even able to offer my online personal shopper skills for her trip to NYC back in June.  She’s called me Cute on Twitter and has honored me with a shout out on TWiM.

Daisy has offered me advice when I needed it most and for that I’m extremely grateful.  Daisy might not know it, but she has given me a dose of much needed confidence over the last few months.  My ever growing appetite for the web and social media, not to mention my newly found commitment to the Montreal Tech community can be attributed to her encouragement and most of all her validation.

Here’s my own shout out to you: THANKS DAISY YOU ARE GREAT!

Here she is on a recent episode of Martin Sargent’s Internet Superstar:

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