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Blog Action Day 08

Before I start – I apologize – I had to choose yet another WordPress Theme because the previous one didn’t allow me to post side Widgets!


October 15, 2008 –  Memorize This Date.  It’s the second edition of this exclusive but open online event. I am totally impressed with the opening video on the site. Genius! This years Blog Action Day takes on the issue of poverty.

I am also impressed that so far over 3,000 blogs/websites are participating which represents an audience of about 4.1 million (so far).  The site also provides a lot of information about how to get involved in the event.  Publish – Donate – Promote

Events such as this are an important example of what the web can do in terms of social awareness and in this case, hopefully – social change.  Bringing awareness to the issue of poverty in this scale further proves that the web community has power and can make a difference.

Participating sites and blogs include: TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Mashable, SalesForce, VentureBeat and Gigaom.  Go to the site to see those who signed up.

So however you choose to participate – do just that – Participate!

Bravo BlogActionDay – Count Me In!

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