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Crush It! – Just Love It!

Just downloaded the Audible version of Gary V’s Crush It! this morning and I have to say “I LOVE IT!”

Even if you have the dead tree version (ehm, hardcover version), you’ll definitely want to hear the audio version.  As with anything Gary does, he does it his way and I must admit that the “off script” stuff is totally worth it.  They are like little gems!

Funny even HE can’t stick to his own words.  Gary just bursts with such enthusiasm and yes, passion, that he cannot even contain his urge to “sidebar” himself. Ha!

Totally worth owning both copies!

1 thought on “Crush It! – Just Love It!”

  1. I absolutely and totally agree with you – I’m a huge fan of Gary (minus his colorful mouth) and own the dead treed edition, and was pumped to find out that he did the audio version. His “off-script” moments are priceless — you get updates that you just can’t get with the book, but more importantly is the passion that Gary communicates. It’s flat out intoxicating!

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