doodling and where it led me this week

So this week I have been doodling and sketching (and crocheting but not for this post). Why? Well, have you ever tried to draw or doodle with a mouse or a stylus? Yuk. (UPDATE: I figured out how to properly use my Wacom tablet yesterday – and wow! Lots more to come as a result of that experience).

What I discovered is that the more I doodle and draw, the more ideas surface which wouldn’t have otherwise. I love this and have made it part of my process.

Plus, I found my first “go to” doodle. It’s a coffee been of sorts. I decided to repeat the bean close together and loved the pattern that emerged. I then strategically coloured only portions of the pattern with my standard yellow, green and orange favs.


It’s only after all that was done did I launch Illustrator to see if I could reproduce it in digital form. After a few hours of fiddling around with my mouse and some strategic placement of beans, I finally found a pattern that I liked.

Here’s “Colourful Coffee Beans”


I am waiting for a fabric sample (a proof if you like) of it but you can see it on my Spoonflower page here in the meantime (and please feel free to

You can also see it now on Society6 (along with other designs I’ve created) in case you need a last minute Christmas gift idea.

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