My art shop has finally launched

Well friends, it’s been a long long time coming but I finally did it! I have a SHOP with some stock for you to … Tada… purchase!

To say it is about time Josyan, is an understatement. It has taken me years of imposter syndrome to get “over” and to finally bite the bullet and turn my raison d’être into the little buds of a real artistic career.

This shop represents me conquering my biggest critic of all, myself (and the all the fear that comes with).

About my prints:

It was a priority that the prints sold in my shop be printed on the best-quality art paper (museum quality and matte and with a bit of texture) and that the inks used oba-free (no bleaching chemicals used in the production of paper) as well as be archival, and finally be the best at replicating my colour palette.

After many test prints and many rounds of adjustments, I finally settled on a drop-ship (print on demand) option with Art of Where which is linked to my Big Cartel website. What does that mean? Well, when you order an art print from my shop, it will be printed on demand and will be sent you directly from an approved Art of Where printshop local to your area.

I have made my shop Canada only (only for now… promise!) and in CDN dollars. I don’t want to make a mistake at this point with US and Canadian currency not to mention the shipping do’s and don’ts.

Thank you to ALL those of you who have “Liked”, “Loved” or left me a comment, about my art posts on social media over the years. I wanted you all to know that those tiny hearts and thumbs up of approval and support have contributed to this next step in my art journey.

At this point, I must mention my partner Dan. Friends, he’s the one who has had to actually listen to my doubts, my fears and most of all, “be there” in the day-to-day. His support and encouragement has helped me grow (and keep growing) as an artist. I Love you and thank you for always being a great sounding board and never letting me give up.

Finally, I hope you will be patient with me while I go through the process of orders and shipments. I don’t expect any issues, but you never know. Dan and I placed a test order from my site and everything went smoothly so that’s definitely a good sign! If you do purchase a print from my shop, you can expect your order to arrive within 10 days of the order confirmation (at least, that was our first experience).

Thanks in advance for just visiting and poking around to see what is available. I expect to add prints over time and will be sure to advise you of new stock here and on Instagram ( find me at @josyan.mcgregor.art )

Thank you!



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