about me

I am an artist first and a graphic designer second.

I naturally gravitate towards colourful warm palettes and textures. My subject matter is the imagined natural world and can be, at times, graphic and abstracted.

Although I take pictures of flora, plants and vegetables, I only use the images as inspiration in my work. I am not interested in reality as a model but rather, I want to paint my own recollection and emotional response to it. Through this type of internal exploration of light, shape and colour, I can express and give voice to my instinctual and intuitive brushwork and style.

My mediums vary between watercolour and ink as wells acrylic, ink and at times, marker. I often use digital sketching as a way to test ideas or to just play around before settling on a design or painting subject. I also bring back my painted pieces into digital formats and tweak them further.

My high sensitivity and intuition drive my art towards imagined realities and my love for vivid and warm colours allow me to punctuate and guide my artistic voice towards a path of self-exploration and emotional healing.