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Playing around with gouache one morning…

In an effort to expand my artistic horizons, I decided to see where a gouache exploration would take me last weekend. It turns out, it took me somewhere surprising.

As I was painting and layering in my favourite botanical go-to style, I made some very interesting marks.

Flower Print Test.png

A few days later, I decided to see how they would appear if I turned this pattern into a bold surface design. Using Spoonflower and then Roostery, I was able to mock up a few items and they look pretty awesome to me.

The mirrored effect, rather than the regular repeat pattern created a very interesting effect.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 7.32.58 AM.png

Mirrored Meadow (bold) and its smaller sized version simply called Mirrored Meadow, will soon be available as fabric on Spoonflower.  The items shown above should be available on Roostery in a week or so.

I will definitely start integrating my artwork into my surface pattern design in the future.

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a little dabble in some fabric design

My latest design has been uploaded to Spoonflower as of this morning. It’s called peas and onions. I am excited to see my three designs in real life. Coming soon!

Once I receive my sample proofs, I will officially start selling them. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, you can take a look at them on the Spoonflower site directly by clicking on any of these three images.

peas and onions by josyan mcgregor

rings and things
rings and things by josyan mcgregor

quand le soleil
quand le soleil by josyan mcgregor