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Where the millenials are

Just read this post on Mashable entitled: 3 Things Brands Must Do to Reach Millennials Online

Here are the bullet points:

  • Provide Exceptional Social Media Customer Service
  • Do Good, Even When It Challenges Your Interests
  • Be a Smiling Omnipresence

I totally agree with the post but might add that organizations must also be willing to BE where the millennials are hanging out and the best way is through location-based applications, such as Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, and Google Latitude.

The aim would be to subtly become part of a person’s daily life and routine by taking advantage of local search.  It’s low-key and unobtrusive and, I believe, one of the best ways to never be far away from the unconscious consumer.

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Canucks on the interwebs? Yup!

Interesting stats came out today on eMarketer regarding the number of Canadians now using social media.

Canada boasts some of the world’s highest internet penetration and social networking usage rates. Social network users view social media as their online home—a hub for communication, entertainment and information.

Does this mean more brand engagement, increased ROI and larger online marketing budgets? Gosh I hope so!