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Daisy, a pink logo and NAB

A few weeks ago Daisy Whitney asked me to come up with a logo for her involvement at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Expo.  Daisy  is a partner in the Broadband Theater Sessions. This is a brand new exhibit area for the NAB Show:

The newest exhibit area at the NAB Show focuses on broadband-enabled TVs, online video, mobile broadband networks, platforms, set-top boxes, gaming, IP, streaming, advertising, monetization and the mavericks driving today’s media.

Exciting times for new media indeed!

I’m happy to announce that the logo is up and it looks great (although a little small).

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Social Couch Potatos

According to IT Facts: 36% of social network users want access to their social networks from their TV.

Netflix, Boxee, Hulu and XBox Friends of Friends all enjoy their own social networking features which seems to indicate to me that watching TV with your virtual network of friends has now become a “can’t live without it” feature.

Perhaps network TV should start living up to its name and become more of an “interactive” experience.  Many have said it in the past and the numbers certainly don’t lie.

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Hang on it’s coming!

Great report from Daisy Whitney – As usual!  This weeks New Media Minute – check it out.

It’s clear:  in order to get through these tough times, there’s a definite need to create solid content, innovate, be more efficient, be budget-savvy, connect the dots and fill in the gaps.

What’s your plan?