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Where, When & How I Want It… Online TV, of course!

According to Conference Board, more and more American households are getting their TV viewing fixes online – on YouTube or on the TV channel website – to be exact.

From IT Facts:

Being able to watch broadcasts on their own time and at their convenience are the top reasons users tune in online. Other reasons include avoiding commercials and portability. Nearly 72% of online households log on for entertainment purposes on a daily basis, and one in ten cites entertainment as the most important internet activity. The top five types of shows viewed online are news, drama, sitcom/comedy, reality shows and sports, with user generated content following close behind. Among consumers connecting to online broadcasts, 43% tune into the news, 39% watch drama shows, 34% view sitcom/comedy shows, 23% watch reality shows, 16% view sports, and 15% view user generated content.

I wonder if we Canadians are just as active when it comes to our online viewing habits?  If not – why?

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Why Daisy Whitney is Great!

But most of you already know that right?

Why is this particular journalist, novelist and new media evangelist so Great?  Well, she’s a real person!  She’s intelligent, accessible, friendly, funny, and down-to-earth.

For those of you who might not be familiar with her, Daisy is a New Media Expert who specializes in social media, demystifies the phenomenon of web TV and specifically addresses the convergence towards the web from traditional media streams by advertisers.

If watching all those hours of YouTube, iTunes and keeping track of online advertising statistics including user generated media didn’t already keep her busy, she hosts the New Media Minute which you can subscribe to via iTunes or directly from her site

Daisy also writes articles for as well as her weekly column for  You’ll find her moderating TWiM (This Week in Media) a brainchild of Alex Lindsay at PIxel Corps and an affiliated show on TWiT the network of podcasts (a.k.a. netcasts – Yes Leo I listen and religiously – I should add!).

You’ll also find her on Twitter where she’s recently started online web reviews.  Daisy will, once a week at random, Tweet (on Twitter) that it’s time for submissions for weekly her review. She’ll take the first five Twitter replies and will watch and review the episodes (one from each reply) in her TVWeek blog post.  Using Twitter in this innovative fashion is what I find exciting about social media.  It’s all too cool for words!

One of the biggest reasons for me deciding to dedicate an entire blog post to Daisy is that (as I mentioned) she is, above all, a real person.  I’ve had the opportunity to exchange many links and emails with her over the summer.  I was even able to offer my online personal shopper skills for her trip to NYC back in June.  She’s called me Cute on Twitter and has honored me with a shout out on TWiM.

Daisy has offered me advice when I needed it most and for that I’m extremely grateful.  Daisy might not know it, but she has given me a dose of much needed confidence over the last few months.  My ever growing appetite for the web and social media, not to mention my newly found commitment to the Montreal Tech community can be attributed to her encouragement and most of all her validation.

Here’s my own shout out to you: THANKS DAISY YOU ARE GREAT!

Here she is on a recent episode of Martin Sargent’s Internet Superstar:

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Is an overall reach better than an obvious niche?

According to a recent Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) analysis, a whopping 32% of American adults are Ad Adverse.

Ad Adverse is defined as: ”Consumers most likely either to be not interested in or to have not been exposed to advertising in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet.”

Imagine that!  That’s a huge number.  I already believed that most people (like me) had begun to close their eyes to advertising in what ever form (billboards, radio ads, tv ads, etc. – see list above) but this number is quite significant.

It means that a good number of us have effectively trained our eyes away from traditional advertising.  That it simply doesn’t exist.  So I wonder why there are still such deep wallets when it comes to traditional advertising and such reluctance towards anything online.  Is it because new media holds too many mysteries?  It’s not a sure thing?  Traditional advertising no longer holds guarantees… or does it?   Does quantity really over ride quality?

Is an overall reach better than an obvious niche?

I may be wrong is assuming this, but if you aren’t reaching 32% of your audience because they have trained themselves to ignore you; don’t you think you should think ‘outside’ the traditional advertising model?  Plus, that number is surely not going to decrease over the next few years.

I say, get a mit and get in the game, especially if you expect to reach anyone in the next few years because the numbers who start training themselves ignore online and mobile media is soon to follow.

Better get your money’s worth now!  What do you think?

Read the full details of the article at: Responsiveness to Ads Across Media – Consumer Segments

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Jamie Oliver…Say What You Will

I think Jamie Oliver understands the internet and the need to use it to propel his content.

He’s not only created a beautiful site, he also understands that you need to provide people with quality just like the food he prepares.

He’s on Youtube, iTunes, MySpace, Facebook are all places that lead you to his website which includes a well maintained blog, recipes, video podcasts, and a very popular forum.

Jamie has also (in addition to his School Dinners initiative) started the Unsigned Band Competition (in its second year) where, you guessed it, unsigned bands send in their audio or video demos.  Then the Jamie listeners can vote for their favorite band among the talented entries.  This year he’s teamed up with Universal Music *UK* which means the winning band will get a deal with Universal Music (still not sure if that’s a deal anymore but that’s whole other post for the future).  Last years winner was Tim Kay and for those unfamiliar with him, he sings the Jamie At Home theme song.  For those who listened to Jamie’s audio podcast on iTunes also know that he was often featured playing some of his songs on the podcast.

Here’s a commercial I came across a few months ago.  I think it’s great and sums up Jamie’s sense of humor bang on – Enjoy!