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The differences between X & Y

Over the last few months, I’ve had to do some research online on the subject of mommy blogs.  To my surprise, found a lot of them.  They are an extremely powerful channel for online advertising!

I’m a Mom (he’s almost 12) and I have to admit that I am definitely not a mommy blog reader.  I’m more interested in tech gadgets and new media (duh?!).

Anyways, after reading and discovering some jaw-dropping sites and blogs, I had to admit that I was impressed – very impressed.  Here are a few of the mommy-based blogs which I find informative in their content, innovative in their approach and most of all beautiful in their design sensibility.

I recently came across some research concerning the internet behaviors of moms and more specifically the differences in the way Gen X and the Gen Y moms use the internet. The research – conducted by NewMediaMetrics – revealed that there was a significant generational difference between these moms.

Gen X moms *born between 1965 and 1981*

  • use photo sites
  • rate and review products
  • shop

Gen Y moms *born between 1982 and 1994*

  • read blogs
  • participate in an online community of moms
  • create and share their own video

These results remind me of an earlier post on Generation V which I commented on back in August.  It seems to me that Gen Xer’s lean toward being Lurkers and Opportunists and the Gen Yer’s tend to be Contributors and Creators.

For the record, I am officially a Gen Xer.  What do I do on the internet?  Well, I read blogs, participate in social networks (not a mommy community though), shop and create my own content (write a blog).  Where do I fit in?

Alas… not really anywhere specific – yet again!

Just the way I like it!