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Is an overall reach better than an obvious niche?

According to a recent Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) analysis, a whopping 32% of American adults are Ad Adverse.

Ad Adverse is defined as: ”Consumers most likely either to be not interested in or to have not been exposed to advertising in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet.”

Imagine that!  That’s a huge number.  I already believed that most people (like me) had begun to close their eyes to advertising in what ever form (billboards, radio ads, tv ads, etc. – see list above) but this number is quite significant.

It means that a good number of us have effectively trained our eyes away from traditional advertising.  That it simply doesn’t exist.  So I wonder why there are still such deep wallets when it comes to traditional advertising and such reluctance towards anything online.  Is it because new media holds too many mysteries?  It’s not a sure thing?  Traditional advertising no longer holds guarantees… or does it?   Does quantity really over ride quality?

Is an overall reach better than an obvious niche?

I may be wrong is assuming this, but if you aren’t reaching 32% of your audience because they have trained themselves to ignore you; don’t you think you should think ‘outside’ the traditional advertising model?  Plus, that number is surely not going to decrease over the next few years.

I say, get a mit and get in the game, especially if you expect to reach anyone in the next few years because the numbers who start training themselves ignore online and mobile media is soon to follow.

Better get your money’s worth now!  What do you think?

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