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Where, When & How I Want It… Online TV, of course!

According to Conference Board, more and more American households are getting their TV viewing fixes online – on YouTube or on the TV channel website – to be exact.

From IT Facts:

Being able to watch broadcasts on their own time and at their convenience are the top reasons users tune in online. Other reasons include avoiding commercials and portability. Nearly 72% of online households log on for entertainment purposes on a daily basis, and one in ten cites entertainment as the most important internet activity. The top five types of shows viewed online are news, drama, sitcom/comedy, reality shows and sports, with user generated content following close behind. Among consumers connecting to online broadcasts, 43% tune into the news, 39% watch drama shows, 34% view sitcom/comedy shows, 23% watch reality shows, 16% view sports, and 15% view user generated content.

I wonder if we Canadians are just as active when it comes to our online viewing habits?  If not – why?