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The Twitter effect

I just finished experiencing the Challenge Your World event with Guy Kawasaki in Montreal entirely through Twitter.

What was this event?

Rendez-vous 09 – A featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week and Challenge Your World

I wasn’t able to attend tonight’s event, but just by reading the live Tweeting (and vigouous ReTweeting), the Twitterverse was able gave me a real sense of the energy in a room filled with over 500 attendees.

All proceeds of the evening benefited CARE Canada and according to the latest Challenge Your World Tweet – $17,000 was raised.  That’s amazing!

Congrats to Martin Lessard (@martinlessard) and the Challenge Your World Team (#CYW & @challengeworld).  Your hard work has definitely paid off tonight!

Although I wasn’t there to witness and experience the magic of Guy Kawasaki myself, it was obvious that the Twitterverse was able to transfer his passion, positivity and his inspiring keynote 140 characters at a time.  Thanks to RT’s from @kimvallee, @jeromeparadis, @emergent007, @zelaurent, @bdescary, @evablue and many more.

Cheers to Guy Kawasaki, Challenge Your World and Twitter tonight!


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Blog Action Day 08

Before I start – I apologize – I had to choose yet another WordPress Theme because the previous one didn’t allow me to post side Widgets!


October 15, 2008 –  Memorize This Date.  It’s the second edition of this exclusive but open online event. I am totally impressed with the opening video on the site. Genius! This years Blog Action Day takes on the issue of poverty.

I am also impressed that so far over 3,000 blogs/websites are participating which represents an audience of about 4.1 million (so far).  The site also provides a lot of information about how to get involved in the event.  Publish – Donate – Promote

Events such as this are an important example of what the web can do in terms of social awareness and in this case, hopefully – social change.  Bringing awareness to the issue of poverty in this scale further proves that the web community has power and can make a difference.

Participating sites and blogs include: TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Mashable, SalesForce, VentureBeat and Gigaom.  Go to the site to see those who signed up.

So however you choose to participate – do just that – Participate!

Bravo BlogActionDay – Count Me In!